Houses of Study and Degree(s) Overviews

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  • Two tracks are available: Continuing education units (CEUs) and clock hours are awarded for all courses. Each CEU earned represents approximately 10 hours of time spent interacting with course materials through the Canvas portal or F2F with the instructor in a residential setting. Only a short assignment is submitted to gauge the participant's compre-hension of the course content. Academic credit is awarded for approximately 15 hours of instruction per credit and successful completion of additional assignments.

  • NOTE: Students pursuing a degree or House of Studies program must complete the admissions process first before enrolling in courses.

  • Course offerings are listed on the schedule and registration form. New courses will be announced as they become available.

  • Clergy: CE and academic courses might qualify for (re)certification requirements. Before enrolling, contact your licensing body to determine if it will accept House of Studies credits.

  • Seniors (age 62+): Ask about our special discounted rates and tuition-free audits.​ Other programs will be announced as they become available. 

Course Benefits


  • Indepth instruction (college level and based on biblical scholarship). 

  • Qualified instructors (see biographies): All instructors hold a masters degree or rough equivalent; 75% have earned doctorates. 

  • Flexible: (1) Self-paced online format is available for most
    courses--up to a full year; and (2) face-to-face (residential) instruction available in your area with five or more students.

  • Affordable (low tuition cost and nominal fees)!

Houses of Study (in progress) 


  • Old Catholic: Plans are currently in progress to offer a series of formation courses for ordination in the Catholic Church in America. Courses focus on traditional Catholic principles and moral theology. 

  • Liturgical: The Litugrical House of Study offers students a variety of course options that focus on liturgical formation and tradition, regardless of denominational affiliation.  

  • Eastern Church: A concentration focused on Syriac studies--including Basic Syriac/Aramaic, The Lord's Prayer, Syriac Patristics, and a final project--will offer an introduction to Eastern Church Studies.

  • Practical Ministry: Students who are interested in building skills for practical ministry (service) across denominational lines may wish to enroll in this multi-year program that will guide them through a series of subjects that proactively address the what, why, and how of service. The courses provide a framework for understanding where students fit within the larger Christian context and prepare them for their personal roles within God’s mission to the world (salvation) and within the church.

Current Professional-level Degree: M.Div. 


St. Anthony's has launched its Master of Divinity (M.Div.) professional-level degree program and Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) research degree.


Current Academic Pathways and Agreements


The House of Studies (HofS) is working on academic agreements for students to move their credits into degree pathways with various institutions (e.g., Master of Ministry, etc.) and to be accepted by various ecclesiastical authorities and jurisdictions. Please visit our House of Studies Program page to read more about our current academic agreements. 

Steps to Enroll and Complete Courses


  1. Review the course(s) listed in the schedule and select the courses in which you wish to enroll. NOTE: Students pursuing a degree or program must complete the admissions process first before enrolling in courses.

  2. Complete the registration form.

  3. Return the registration form with your payment via mail or register and pay online.

  4. Receive via e-mail or mail an enrollment confirmation with location/time for residential courses or access information for online courses once registration and payment are processed. Course materials, except textbooks, will be provided at first session or online.

  5. Attend 90% of face-to-face sessions or listen to/view all the online lessons up to a full year on Canvas. There is no homework per se.

  6. Complete the short assignment (quiz, paper, or project) and return it to your instructor, then complete an online survey.

  7. Receive a paper transcript with the course title, CEUs, and date of completion and certificate of completion with your name and course title (mailed to the address provided).


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