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David M. Morgan: M.Th., M.Div., Ph.D.

Dr. Morgan has multiple masters degrees (M.Th. and M.Div.) in biblical history, language, and literature, and he received his Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible from the University of Aberdeen, U.K. He varies his time among Bible translation work, writing and editing projects, and video and photography. He has served on multiple Bible translation committees including The Voice (Thomas Nelson), the Modern English Version (Charisma Media), and The Healing Scriptures (Charisma Media). His dissertation concerned the literary and theological arrangement of the Book of the Twelve in the Hebrew Scriptures. He has a deep interest in bringing the academic and ecclesiastical worlds together for meaningful dialogue and a mutually beneficial relationship. 


He has enjoyed teaching both traditional and adult students at a variety of online and on-site institutions in the U.K. and U.S.A. His areas of teaching and research include the ancient Near East, Greco-Roman, early Judaism, and church history and theology studies. As well, he is a member of SBL, IBR, Tyndale House, SOTS, EABS, etc. He has contributed to different interface projects for the STEP Bible at Tyndale House, Cambridge. Whether it is an electronic or hardcopy version, Dr. Morgan enjoys contributing to Bible translation projects that provide access and usefulness to countless people around the world. 


He has had the opportunity to live and travel abroad extensively. Having lived in seven countries and visited over twenty, Dr. Morgan is enriched by interacting with distinct conceptual and cultural regions. He has a vested interest in seeing the global church biblically and theologically literate. And as a consequence, he serves as a facilitator so Christ followers everywhere can do good works and take up humanitarian efforts wherever they live. He uses his photography and writing to raise the awareness of issues related to refugee and persecuted people. In addition, he makes time to mentor students and encourages them toward enjoying kingdom life and contributing to the common good.


During any down time, Dr. Morgan likes to read “dead” ancient languages and further his ability in modern German, French, and Spanish. Teaching ancient and modern languages is his passion. Sincere and profound communication with others is important to Dr. Morgan, so he constantly seeks to hone his ability to interact with others through written and verbal means. Writing is one of his first loves, and he always indulges in reading Milton, Dunne, Spenser, Whitman, Eliot, Frost, and others in order to inspire fresh thinking about life and faith. 


Research Interests: Ancient Near East, Greco-Roman, early Judaism, and church history and theology studies; linguistics (languages); biblical history, language, literature; Hebrew Bible (Minor Prophets), academic-ecclesiastical dialogue; biblical and theological literacy 


Languages: Classical Greek, Hebrew, Latin, German, French, and Spanish (fluent)

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