Academic Policies

Admissions Requirements: There are no previous educational requirements to enroll in a CE course—just a genuine interest in enriching your biblical knowledge. Courses are recommended for late teens and adults willing to commit to intensive Bible study. Requirements for the House of Studies, M.Div., and Th.D. are listed on their respective pages.


Payment: Check, money order, or PAYPAL are the methods of payment accepted. Payment must be received before registration will be processed.


Course Requirements: In order to earn CEUs and the certificate of completion, residential students must attend 90% of all scheduled course sessions and complete the short assignment; online students must view all lessons and complete the short assignment. Students seeking to earn academic credit will need to complete additional assignments. Note: Students who do not want a transcript and certificate do not need to meet these requirements, but should inform St. Anthony's administrator of their intentions to audit the course.


Note: Unless otherwise indicated, seminars and webinars are normally not offered for CEU credit due to their abbreviated length and content.  


Grading System

Diploma, bachelor, master programs grading chart:

Grade     Percent Points     Awarded/Credit

A            95-100               4.0

A-           90-94                 3.7

B+          86-89                 3.3

B            83-85                 3.0

B-           80-82                 2.7

C+          76-79                 2.3

C            73-75                 2.0

C-           70-72                 1.7

D+         66-69                 1.3

D           63-65                 1.0

D-          60-62                   .7

F            0-59                     0

I            Incomplete            0

W          Withdrawn             0

A           Audit                     0

Doctoral programs grading chart:

Grade     Percent Points     Awarded/Credit

A            95-100               4.0

A-           90-94                 3.7

B+          86-89                 3.3

B            83-85                 3.0

B-           80-82                 2.7

F             0-79                    0

I            Incomplete            0

W          Withdrawn             0

A           Audit                     0

  • “A” represents excellent comprehension of the subject and outstanding scholarship.

  • “B” represents above average comprehension and good scholarship.

  • “C” represents average comprehension and scholarship, basically normal achievement.

  • “D” represents borderline understanding of the subject, marginal performance, and unsatisfactory progress toward a certificate or degree.

  • “F” represents failure to gain an adequate comprehension of the subject and unsatisfactory performance.

GPA Calculation

The student’s cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is computed based on the following formula:


CGPA = (Total Grade Points Obtained) / (Total Credit Hours Taken)


Grade Points Obtained = Grade points awarded in the class X credit hours of the course


The following CGPA earn special honors for graduation, as indicated:


  • For a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.50, cum laude;

  • For a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.80, magna cum laude; and

  • For a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.90, summa cum laude.


Grades are normally mailed to students within 30 days after completing all the course requirements.

Withdrawal and Refunds: Students who find it necessary to withdraw from a course must notify the House of Studies admini-strative office immediately via phone, mail, or e-mail. The official date of withdrawal will be the date House of Studies receives the request for withdrawal and it will be used in calculating any tuition refund.


Tuition Refund Schedule*


100% - Withdrawal prior to the first session of a residential course or within five days from date of enrollment for an online course.


30% - Withdrawal within the first 30 calendar days from the first session of a residential course or date of enrollment for an online course.


0% - Withdrawal after 30 calendar days from the first session of a residential course or date of enrollment for an online course.


*No refunds will be provided on registration fees or for those on discount/

scholarship programs. Date of confirmed enrollment (date registration is received and processed) is used for calculating refunds for online and correspondence courses.


Recommended Requirements for Online Courses and Webinars

Your Internet provider and your computer equipment play an

important role in your ability to access and view archived audio/video and to participate in online conferencing with your instructor(s). Most House of Studies courses will be provided online through Canvas. As a result, before purchasing any new equipment and software, students who enroll in online courses are encouraged to visit the Canvas portal for their course (including Skype website) to determine if purchases are indeed necessary. Some general recommendations follow:


  • Internet service provider (ISP) account with connection speed that allows for playing and downloading audio/video files.

  • Web browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 11.0 or later), Safari (version 9.0-10.0 or later), Firefox 48-49, or Chrome 52-53 or later with some graphic and audio capability (Flash 22-23).

  • Cookies and Javascript enabled.

  • Adobe Reader (version 6.0 or later).

  • Microsoft Word for word processing.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations.

  • A computer with processor and operating system (OS) that has enough RAM to handle word processing, audio, and video files:


  • Microsoft Windows 7 or newer versions (Intel); Mac OS 10.6
    or newer (PowerPC or Intel),


  • A processor of 2.0 GHz or faster,

  • Current anti-virus protection application,

  • 1 GB RAM or greater,

  • 512 kbps modem, best to have high speed Internet capability,

  • Monitor with video card with 800x600 pixel resolution or greater,

  • Sound card with speakers, headphones, and microphone 
    (if no built-in microphone), and


  • CD-ROM or DVD R-W capability.


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