This is a general studies course in Pastoral Theology, which offers those in ministry an effective foundation in forming a group support system for those who are caring for a sick/dying loved one. Caregivers are on the front lines in terms of dealing with death and dying. This is even more pronounced since they provide care 24/7 to a loved one. The burnout, fatigue, and personal health threats make this such an important ministry to address. Support provides consolation to others in the same position to sustain a quality of life and health. This course addresses these topics: education of caregivers, spiritual dimensions, and group formation to support these courageous individuals. With the changing demographics in the population this course offers timely guidelines to provide a much needed forum for support. 3 CEUs. The cost includes $67.50 in tuition and a $8 registration fee.

Students will cover these topics:

- Pragmatic Aspects of Care (providing education to the caregiver)
- Spiritual Dimensions (Grounding in the Tradition with Scriptural References)
- Active Listening
- Adequate Self Care
- Overcoming Resistance
- Managing Anger
- Group Support and Sharing
- Group Formation
- Interviewing Group Members
- Making Referrals

MIN150 Support for Caregivers

  • Students are required to read to all archived documents, textbook, and complete the short assignment one year from enrollment. Instructor is available for consultation and discussions.


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