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Judy Quitoriano: S.T.L., D.D.

Judith Quitoriano is a graduate of St. Elias Seminary and Graduate School with a Licentiate in Theology and an earned Doctorate in Divinity. She has served on the St. Elias faculty as a mentor for the last decade. She works in pastoral ministry such as support for caregivers and spiritual direction. She also teaches Pastoral Ministry and Pastoral Counseling at Meister Eckhart Divinity School. She has lived in Northern California most of her life where she is involved in the arts and enjoys her large extended family.


She is a prolific author of several books (see below) and an exhibitor of fine art (see below). 


Research Interests: Spirituality (spiritual direction) and pastoral theology (death and dying, support networks, aging, and parenting). 


She has been married for 49 years and has one adult son.  

Books Author by Judy Quitoriano


Fruit in Every Season: This 2013 book offers reflection on pastoral care and aspects of every phase of life.


Grace and Gratitude: This 2013 book emphasizes thankfulness for inordinate grace in our lives.


Allowing for an Authentic Life: This 2014 book encourages all to have the courage to follow life's path with the love of being and to maintain focus.


Guiding our Future: This 2016 book is a guide to parents with reflections on rearing responsible and respectful children.


Keep Creating: This 2016 book reflects on the ability to center and focus by using the creative processes.


Old Testament Reflection: This 2016 book reflects on a passage in Deuteronomy and brings it into the experiences of the New Testament.


Haiku Gift: This 2017 book is a collection of her short poems and illustrations.

Fine Art by Judy Quitoriano


Visit the Fine Art Study Online for personal artist page. 





Other Achievements: Dr. Quitoriano was also given the honor of being accepted in an internationally juried show for art at Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital in 2017 and she is a finalist for consideration in other juried shows throughout the country at this time.

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