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Tom R. Roberts: M.Div., Th.M., Ph.D., D.D.

Tom Roberts holds a bachelor’s degree in Theology from Triune Biblical University, an Th.M. from Covenant Bible College and Seminary, Federal Way, Wash., and an M.Div. and Ph.D. in Theology from the Hellenic Orthodox University in Athens, Greece, with a D.D. awarded by St. Mark Seminary in Sharon, Penn., for public service as a priest. Dr. Roberts’ M.Div. thesis is entitled “Divorce and Marriage, A Middle Eastern Approach.” Vantage Press published his doctoral dissertation From Sacral Kingship to Sacred Marriage – A Theological Analysis of Literary Borrowing in 2002. Dr. Roberts is currently pursuing a second Ph.D. in Eastern and Orthodox Theology at EUCLID University under the direction of Dr. Laurent Cleenewerck.


Dr. Roberts believes that his mission is to make biblical knowledge more widely known among the general public. He was the featured host and presenter for “Biblical Perspectives” on Free Catholic Radio. He has been a guest on “Religion Today,” a weekly radio program with Martin Tanner, KSL, Salt Lake City, where he has compared Orthodox theology with LDS positions. He is also a commentator on the Dead Sea Scrolls on Patriot Radio with Rich Richardson, which was heard in two major U.S. media markets. Most recently, he has participated in a panel of scholars on the weblog published by Mormon Matters. Dr. Roberts has also contributed to various projects for the Chaplains Bible Association, concluding with a new textual reading of the USB4 translation of 2 Thessalonians. His articles have been published in Ancient AmericanTheandros Theological Journal, a journal published by Atlanta Bible College, and ACTS MagazineConvergent Streams has published his article entitled, “The Hebrew Roots of the Lord’s Eucharist.” His research for Christian Biblical Church of God was used by the Church History Department of Chesapeake Bay Bible College. In addition, Dr. Roberts also authored the Addendum to Systematic Theology, published by the Church of God 7th Day Meridian Publishing House. Dr. Roberts is currently a member of the committee for the BYU New Testament Commentary project, for which he has contributed two scholarly articles and will co-author the commentary on the book of Romans. 


His lectures, including his most popular lecture, “The Hebrew Wedding,” and articles are currently posted on, where his posts are consistently in the top one percent of downloads,, his Sacral Kingship of Christ Facebook page, and the Sowers of the Seed website. For many years, Dr. Roberts has spoken at various festival sites, camp meetings, symposiums, conferences, workshops, churches, and seminary classes at congregations and presented at various Sunstone conferences, whose audiences include Hebrew Roots and the Seventh Day Church movement to mainline Protestant, Episcopal, Seventh Day Adventist, LDS, Brethren, and Independent Catholic synods. Most recently, he has been invited to lecture on “Ancient Temples and Church Liturgy” at the September 2015 conference of the scholarly organization the Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology. He is also a past member of the John Whitmer Historical Society. The aforementioned listing demonstrates his versatility as a speaker and theologian. Formerly, Tom was a professional singer, ministry coordinator for the Meridian Counsel Church of God 7th Day, lay pastor, disc jockey, and radio broadcaster whose transmissions were heard over Radio Moscow.

Dr. Roberts presented an academic paper at Salt Lake City for the Communal Studies Association Conference October 6-8, 2016. The association is supported by eight leading universities. Dr. Roberts' paper was entitled "Restoration Theology and Apocalyptic Literature" (see pdf below). The scholarly team was invited to tour the LDS Historical Societies archives and to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform during their rehearsal for the program "The Spoken Word." Dr. Roberts also shared a session with an LDS scholar who presented the Mormon perspective on the Book of Revelation.

Dr. Roberts is a Monsignor with the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ (ECCC) and serves as Chancellor for St. Anthony's Cathedral House of Liturgical Studies. Dr. Roberts also serves as a member of the strategy team of the Catholic Church Reform International, which advocates for Roman Catholic synodal reform in cooperation with the ECCC.

Research Interests: Some of his specialties include the systematic understanding and presentation of theology, enthronements, and church history.


He resides with his wife and son in Weiser, Idaho.

Articles and Papers Presented by Dr. Roberts

Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Communal Studies Association in Salt Lake City in October 2016

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