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New Courses and Webinars/Seminars Coming Soon


Below you will find a listing of courses that are currently under development or in the planning phases. They will be listed on the course schedule as soon as they become available. 



By Jim DeFrancisco, Ph.D., D.Min.


  • Basic Biblical Aramaic (Syriac Aramaic New Testament): Prayer, Lord’s Prayer

  • Principles of Holy Scripture Study

  • Peshitta of Old and New Covenant


By Tom Roberts, Ph.D., D.D.


  • Old Testament Survey

  • Life and Times of Jesus Messiah

  • Systematic Theology


By Judy Quitoriano, D.D.


  • Aging

  • Death

  • Parenting

  • Co-creating as Prayer

  • Reconciling Violence in Ministry


By Gary A. Staszak, M.A.


  • Book of Revelation (Apocalypse)

  • Learn NT Greek without Learning Greek

  • Introductory Biblical Hebrew

  • What's in Your Toolbox: Basics of Biblical Interpretation



By Tom Roberts, Ph.D., D.D.


  • Torah, Christ, Salvation

  • Come Worship the King

  • Who’s Temple are You?

  • In Search of Paradise

  • Finding Faith in Troubled Times

  • Establishing Our Corporate Voice

  • Equipping the Saints (parts 1-2)

  • Origins of Christian Doctrine

  • What is the Bible? (parts 1-2)

  • The Bible and Hellenization

  • Mining the Text for all It is Worth (parts 1-5)

  • The Book of James (fives part over three sessions)

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