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To register for the course in which you wish to enroll, simply click on the picture or course name to register or to view more information about a selection. Method of payment includes PayPal, debit, or credit card. All persons registering for courses pay a registration fee, which is included in already the cost below. This fee includes processing of registration (e-mail or mail confirmation with access information for online courses or location/times for residential courses), online banking fee, final transcript, and certificate of completion for CEU courses (students matriculating in a program will not receive a certificate of completion by a notification of their final grade).


Enter the appropriate number of persons registering for each course while in the shopping cart. If you wish to pay via check (personal or cashier's) or money order, then please download and complete the registration form (pdf) at right and mail it via the USPS with your payment to St. Anthony's Cathedral House of Liturgical Studies. Please allow three business days for the processing from the date you electronically submit your registration and payment (or from the date received in the office for mailed registrations/payments). 


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