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Student Services

This webpage provides easy access to links and information for current students. 

College Student

Student News: Important Deadlines and Announcements

  • Registration is available on a continuous basis (see schedule and registration links above)

  • At its 2021 annual meeting, St. Anthony's Board of Directors approved a tiered tuition for full credit (those worth three credits) academic and continuing education courses. To see the new tuition tiers, visit the registration page.

Revised Academic Catalog Available for Review and Download

The revised academic catalog (pdf) at right contains all the information about the institution and what  you will need to begin your studies at St. Anthony. View online or download to your desktop.

Types of Academic Writing in Theological Study

The pdf at right offers descriptions of some types of writing assignments required of theological students. The specific requirements for each paper might vary, depending on the instructor's preferences and the type of course in which students are enrolled (e.g., independent study, continuing education course, academic course). Students are responsible for clarifying paper requirements with their respective instructors, usually through the course syllabus or directly with the instructor.  

Suggestions for Non-Native English Learners

The file (pdf) at right contains suggestions and tips from Dr. Judy Quitoriano, who has a certification to work with students whose native language is not English (ESL and L2 learners). The online link for the style guide used by St. Anthony, Kate Turabian’s A Manual for Writing Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (latest edition), appears here.

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