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Jim DeFrancisco: M.B.A., D.Min., Ph.D.

Dr. James J. DeFrancisco has attended numerous schools and universities. He has the following degrees: A.S., LaSalle Ext. University; L.L.B., LaSalle Ext. University; M.A., Baptist Christian College Graduate School; M.B.A., California Coast University; D.Min., American Bible College and Seminary; Ph.D., University of Biblical Studies & American Bible College and Seminary.


Dr. DeFrancisco is an advanced board certified life and leadership coach, counselor, teacher, and President of Miltha Ministries in Mishawaka, Ind. He teaches courses on all aspects of the Bible, Christian counseling, and various other subjects, and has taught courses on the Israelite prophets, Syriac language, and Syriac patristics at St. Elias Seminary and Graduate School.


Research Interests: Counseling; Aramaic (Syriac in particular); Peshitta (New Testament); Jewish Mysticism; Seven Laws of Noah and Nature of Righteous Gentiles in Jewish Thought and Halachah (Halakhah); and Comparative Religions. 


Languages: Hebrew, Aramaic.


Jim was married for 47 years until the death of his wife, Sandy, in 2015, and has three sons and seven grandchildren.




Aramaic Perspective Facebook Site 


Dr. DeFrancisco has a Facebook site which focuses on the Aramaic language and a Near Eastern perspective of holy Scripture.

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