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Maria Vittoria Longhitano (Rt. Rev.), Ph.D.

Dr. Maria Vittoria Longhitano is qualified to teach in multiple subject areas, but specializes in Philosophy, Human Science, and Ecclesiastical History. Her education is varied, but she has a doctorate in Philosophy and possesses additional specializations in secondary education. She has also pursued theological studies and pastoral counseling, and she has earned a Magisterium in Religious Sciences. She also holds numerous certificates, but two are worth noting: one in Byzantine iconography and another in music therapy in education and rehabilitation. See the listing below for more details about her education.

From 2020-2021, she taught and coordinated training for Italian diaconate candidates with the Open Catholic Seminary at Claremont, Calif., and from 2007-2021, she taught philosophy and history at the Institutes of Higher Secondary Education and also occasionally taught Latin and Italian literature. From 2006-2007 in Catania, Sicily, she taught Italian and history at ITC and family and disabilities psychology to social workers. She has also tutored students in Italian philosophy, history, geography, and literature. 

Dr. Longhitano holds the distinction of becoming the first Catholic woman to be ordained as a priest in Italy. She currently serves as the Primate Bishop (Rt. Rev.) of the Inclusive Anglican Episcopal Church in Italy and as a Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Free Communion International in Europe.

She has also published articles related to the role of women in the Church: "Females and Priests are not Poets" (2019); "The Journey of Women in the Episcopal Church" (June 2020); and "Women and the Sacred, The Journey in the Anglican Communion" (November 2020). 

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2004 and 2006

Interuniversity School of Specialization for Secondary Teaching, Università di Catania, (Catania University),  Catania, Sicily, Italy

Diplomas in Higher Education Specialization in philosophy and history and Higher Education Specialization for H-students

2002 (cum laude)

Scuola di Alta, Rome

Doctorate of Philosophy - Specialization in Philosophy


Università di Catania,(Catania University),  Catania, Sicily, Italy

Teaching - Philosophy and History


Camilliani Sentieri Formativi (Camillian Formation Tracks), Verona, Italy

Diploma - Pastoral Counseling

2007 and 2008

Università G. Marconi

(Guglielmo Marconi University), Rome

Master of Psychology - Theory and Methodology of Evaluation in Schools and Developmental Psychology


Studio Theologico S. Paolo (Theological Study of South Paolo), Catania, Sicily, Italy

Certificate in Theological Studies 


Istituto Superiore Di Scienze Religiose S. Luca (S. Luca Higher Institute of Religious Sciences), Catania, Sicily, Italy

Magisterium (Degree) in Religious Sciences


Dante Alighieri University of Reggio, Calabria, Italy

Post-graduate specialization (two years) in Psycho-pedagogical Methodologies for Teaching-Learning Management in the Didactic Field

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