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William (Bill) P. Mills: LL.D., D.D. (Theology), Ph.D.

Dr. Bill Mills holds bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Psychology from Southern Oregon University; and doctorates in Divinity, Physics, and International Law from Trinity College, University of Cambridge.  


He is the director of All Science Leads to God (, a non-profit foundation whose mission is to promote Christian unity through education, apologetics, and ecumenical outreach; dispel the myths dividing Christianity and science; improve and develop educational curricula consistent with the proven strength and truth of Christianity; and promote epistemological accuracy, clarity and responsibility.  


Dr. Mills has developed and taught equations, laws, nations and treaties, and new course curricula in Law, Physics, Philosophy, and Conflict Management. His mission is to make significant contributions to educational, legal and international relations, specifically to the physical nature of time and Atonement. He is an experimentalist, practitioner, and theoretician.  


He has also been active in church ministry, mentoring, and education. 


Research Interests: Law, Physics, Theology, Philosophy, and Conflict Management.


Languages: Biblical Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and Spanish.


He lives in Ontario, Ore., with his wife and his 93-year-old father. He has eight children and seven grandchildren.

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