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This general study offers an introduction of the basics of pastoral care, with an emphasis on foundations, covering both theory and practice. A discussion on the effective use of Scripture (themes and theological issues) relevant to pastoral care in counseling. An overview of the issues, dynamics, and disorders that the pastoral counselor may face with an emphasis on the responsibilities, ministerial methods, the rational limits of pastoral care and the appropriateness of treatment or referral. Legal and ethical issues in the ministry, defining the legal responsibility of ministry within the context of local and state laws. The development of a counseling policy as a means of prevention and recognition of one’s own competence in specific areas. Outlining legal obligations, boundaries in ministry, litigation prevention, client confidence, support policy, and referral resources within pastoral counseling, social work, the psychiatric and clinical-psychological professions. A short summary and definition of basic, essential counseling skills such as goal setting, attentiveness, reflection and mirroring, probing, focusing, and closure. 3 academic credits. The cost includes $100 in tuition and a $8 registration fee. 

CCS500 Introduction to Pastoral Counseling, Ethics, and Care (Acad.)

  • Students are required to listen to all archived audio files and complete the assignments up to a year from the date of confirmed enrollment for the course.

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